Jesus Culture - For No Other Reason (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for "For No Other Reason” by Jesus Culture.
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Just to know You
Is all I'm really after
Just to be known by You
To behold You
And draw a little closer
Just to be held by You
Just to be held by You

Again and again
You have my attention
Until the end
You have my affection
Forever, I will come
For no other reason
But You and You alone
For no other reason

Just to see You
To look upon Your beauty
I live for this one thing
My heart in awe and wonder
I live to see Your face
I live to see Your face

You are the miracle
That makes the seas move
All I need, God
I find in You
You’re every victory
You’re every breakthrough
All I need, God
I find in You

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