Bible Teachings

'Ye shall be as gods' said the Serpent to Eve...and HE WAS RIGHT! intro

The first 3 chapters of the Book of Genesis are probably the most mis-taught chapters in the entire Bible. Here I try to rightly divide the Word of...

From whence did Cain get his wife???

Often asked question; where did Cain get his wife? Here is how the Bible answers that question?

Tolkien's Evil Lords of the Rings & Fall of the Angels - their true story: part 1

J.R.R. Tolkien's lords of evil, Morgoth and Sauron, and the true story of the angels that sinned in the Bible. Exploring Middle-Earth: Morgoth /...

Satan's Evil Reports are filling the land - what to do, what to do??

The world is waxing worse and worse as prophesied in 2 Timothy 3. Reports of greater and greater evil keep filling the land, what are we to do?

Be ye not ignorant of the devices of Satan

What are the devices that Satan employs against Christians?

Rainbows are not evidence of Dome Firmament above God's Flat Earth!

Part 1 / Part 2 /

Are Rainbows evidence of Domed Firmament above the Flat Earth? There are no Domes on God's Flat Earth

Going down the dark occult depths of Satan?

Is it necessary for a Christian to study and teach from the writings of occult authors such as Albert Pike and Helena Blavatsky?...