Tim Tebow's mother speaks at the 2017 Walk for Life Rally

Touching speech from Pam Tebow, mother of famous pro athlete, Tim Tebow, on how one decision can make a tremendous difference to a life.

Billy Graham - Yankee Stadium 1957 - entire service (Part1/2)

Paul Harvey announces, George Beverly Shea sings, Cliff Barrows leads the massive choir in song, Nixon speaks, Billy Graham delivers a powerful...

Franklin Graham - inauguration prayer

Prayer given at the inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th US president. Words quoted from the Word of God.

Billy Graham - Christmas message - the 1st Christmas

Who is this baby born in Bethlehem whose birth the angels attended and who drew kings from the east to worship? Who is this child born in a manger...

George Beverly Shea sings Christmas songs - 1952

Short and sweet mix beautifully sung by "Bev" Shea

Merry Christmas from Billy Graham

Elderly Billy Graham speaks briefly about Christmas

Billy Graham - Christmas Message 1953

Timely and relevant message for today

Billy Graham - Heaven Trailer

In case you missed the broadcast premiere, here is the trailer for Billy Graham's latest and probably last video message. Eternity is coming soon....

Billy Graham - Thanksgiving Message

Short thanksgiving message by Billy Graham.

Franklin Graham calling on America to Pray November 7 2016

Message from Franklin Graham: "Does prayer work? You betcha. The Bible tells us that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much"...

Rev Franklin Graham talks faith and the voting booth

Possibly the most consequential election of our lifetime is almost here. The future of our nation is at stake.

50 state Decision America Tour final prayer rally - Raleigh NC 2016

Franklin Graham and team wrap up the nearly year long journey across all 50 states of America urging people to pray, vote, be engaged and turn to...